About Eatwell

In September 2019, we began running our own ‘in-house’ catering service named Eatwell. The governors took this decision to support us in our vision to run a catering service that provides fresh, healthy and filling meals to our students.

We have bread delivered at 4am each morning from Adkins, our butchers provide high quality meat and we limit the use of frozen products.

We want to provide a filling meal that is nutritious and tasty for our students, with less junk food such as sausage rolls, and an increase in healthier food as this is what student surveys results have indicated a desire for.

Students have access to free cold drinking water with our water stations. This means that the meal of the day no longer includes a drink and the price includes the meal and pudding only. This enables us to focus on bigger food portions and better quality meals.

The free school meal allocation is £2.80 each day which matches the meal of the day price for a main meal and pudding.

A large meal costs £2.40 – this could be a large portion of pasta topped with cheese (optional) and garlic bread, a jacket potato, salad box or the main meal of the day. A large filled roll can also be purchased for £1.90. A pudding can be added to any meal for 40p.

We have reduced the food offered at break time and now offer smaller, healthier snacks that are fruit or oat based. This is for two reasons, we want students to opt in to the free breakfast scheme and fill up before lessons start and we then want them to have access to a smaller healthier snack at break but then be hungry at lunch for a healthy, filling meal.

Free School Meals

The way free school meals are applied for has changed meaning that this is now done through Nottinghamshire County Council.

We are asking all parents/carers wishing to apply for free school meals to do so  using the following link: https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/education/school-meals/free-school-meals-and-milk/apply-for-free-school-meals-and-milk

Once you have completed the application, your eligibility will be confirmed and we will update our records. The service will do a fortnightly recheck and if your eligibility has changed both you and the school will again be notified via email.

If you would like some more information and guidance on making an application, please see the Nottinghamshire County Council website or contact us by email office@magnusacademy.co.uk.