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Unisex Toilets

At Magnus we have recently made some small changes to our toilets.  When the buildings were refurbished in 2012 we provided open communal toilets for boys and girls to reduce acts of vandalism and hidden bullying; this has worked to great effect.  Previously the cubicles in these toilets were assigned separately to girls or boys.  These have recently been changed to unisex toilets to increase capacity at busy times such as break or lunch.

Please note that we have three sets of toilets that are allocated in this way and other toilets around school are available that are designated specifically for girls or boys.

If parents of current or future students have any concerns please contact us to arrange a visit or conversation.

Magnus follows triumphant A Level’s with an emotion filled GCSE Results day!

There was great excitement at Magnus Church of England Academy as students collected their GCSE results.

Sixteen-year-olds Jordan Lovett and Georgia Furmidge compare their results.

Analysis of the results show that students achieved well across all EBACC subjects, maintaining the excellent increases seen in English and Maths last year and with additional increases in English literature. There were dramatic increases of 15% in GCSE Science, this despite national turbulence and a whopping 22% increase in Geography. Modern Foreign Language results have also remained consistently high.

Principal Anna Martin said, “At Magnus we are passionate about ensuring all students have the knowledge, confidence, skills and qualifications they need to pursue their chosen career or academic pathway. This year’s results mark the 3rd year in a row of rapidly improving results and I delighted at the sustained improvements. But the most encouraging aspect of that is seeing our young people take their planned next steps in further education or employment as a consequence.”

Magnus Church of England Academy Sixth Form is now thriving and with increased capacity the Academy is still offering places to students looking for post 16 courses. Anna says, “A large number of students have chosen to remain in our Sixth Form and given our outstanding results last week, we look forward to seeing the continued success for these young people.”

There were some outstanding individual performances in the results, including Alvaro Escolano who achieved Grade 8 or above in all GCSEs, including 5 Grade 9’s. Poppy White, achieved Grade 7 or above in all of her GCSEs, including 3 Grade 9’s and 3 Grade 8’s and Georgia Furmidge, who achieved 7 Grade 7 or above, including 3 Grade 9’s and 2 Grade 8’s. A specially heart-warming result was achieved by David Kalyo who performed exceptionally well, achieving grades 2 or 3 levels higher than targeted in all of his subjects!

Student Georgia Furmidge, who achieved a 7,6,7,8,9,9,9 and an A said “I was really nervous about my results, -but surprised in a good way when I opened my envelope. I am very pleased and would now like to go onto Magnus Sixth Form to do maths and physics as I want to eventually attend university to participate in aerospace and aviation studies.”

Jordan Lovett, who attained 6,7,7,6,9,8,8 and a level two distinction explained that he was really pleased with his results. “These are much better than I expected, despite an awful lot of stress – especially over the last year.” he said. “I will do my A levels and go on to university somewhere as I am looking forward to a career in either something maths based or computer programming.”

Chloe Hudson, Poppy White and Macee Williams, all aged 16 looking through their results together.

Student Poppy White achieved 8,8,7,7,9,9,9 and an A in her results plans to continue her studies at Magnus Sixth Form and said, “I’m very pleased and although I do not really know what career path I want to take, I’d like to do further maths in particular through A level and then university.” Fellow student, Tristan Chapman arrived with his nan Patricia Helsdown, who commented that she was “very proud and delighted for her grandson” who attained 6,6,6,7,8,8 and a B. “My results are about what I thought I’d get with one or two little surprises,” he commented. Tristan went on to say “I’ll do my A levels and no doubt university med school with a view to perhaps consultancy work for the NHS”

Anna Rainbow and Mum share a happy moment on the school stage

Anna Rainbow attended with the support of her mum and was pleased to discover she had achieved 7,5,6,5,5,4, a D and a level two distinction star. “Amazing!” commented Anna. “I definitely would like to go to the University of Nottingham to study Spanish as I would love to teach languages.”

Twins David and Nikolett Kalyo said that some nerves had crept in before the day. “I felt physically sick on my way in this morning but having seen my results, I am overjoyed and very much relieved,” explained Nikolett, who would like a career working with animals.

“My confidence was really down at one stage and I’ve been very nervous, but now I am very, very happy – ecstatic even – as I can now see me pursuing a career in the army or the police force,” explained David.

Vice Principal Sarah Sismey says that she was delighted at the good news for students. “What a fantastic day where we have seen so many well-deserved good results. All credit is due our hard-working students who have achieved so much. I would also like to thank the staff for their continued commitment and passion. Well done everyone!”

The worry is over for Twins David and Nikolett Kalyo.

Sixth Form Dress Code – 2018/19

Please find below the new dress code for Magnus Academy Sixth Form.

A limited amount of uniform can be purchased from school and will be available to try on and purchase on 16th and 23rd August.

Ties and scarves can be purchased from school also on these dates.

Students who are eligible for the 16-19 bursary may receive a suit from school free of charge. (T&Cs apply)

Any questions or queries please either contact Miss R Sheard or use the email address on the policy attached.

Magnus Academy Sixth Form Dress Code

Uniform Direct – Free Delivery to Magnus

If you place an order with Uniform Direct before Monday morning you can get free delivery by selecting the collect from store option and writing Magnus in the delivery notes field.

Orders will be delivered directly to Magnus and you will be contacted by text to confirm when your order is available for collection.