In addition to this pastoral structure, on arrival at Magnus all students are also placed in a house to participate in a wide range of activities and competitions with something to meet every students interests all earning points for their house to be the winners of the House Shield. We try to create balanced houses in terms of ability and place our year 7 students in the same houses as older brothers and sisters. The Houses are named after distinguished former students Bromhead; Cartwright; Dean Hole and Warburton and there is a healthy rivalry between houses who compete on a regular basis.

House NameHead of House
Bromhead HouseMr J Meir
Cartwright HouseMr J Trevatt
Dean Hole HouseMiss B Carling
Warburton HouseMr C Holmes

Inter-House Competition Results 2023-24

EventBromheadCartwrightDean HoleWarburton
AoW Choice051025
Languages Quiz6482
Crossbar Challenge4826
Tutor Time Literacy & Numeracy8462
Basketball Hoop Challenge8624
Beat the Goalie4868
Keepy Uppy6824
Chemistry Challenge4484
Spelling Bee6842
Takeover Day Quizzes161248
Y7 Football8462
Y7 Dodgeball2648
Y8 Benchball4862
Y8 Football6842
Y8 Dodgeball8462
Y8 Benchball4628
Y9 Football4286
Y9 Dodgeball4268
Y9 Benchball8264
Maths Challenge8886
Y10 Dodgeball6428
Connect 46248
Door Decorating2468
Where's the bear?4682
Spelling Bee Y7 HT44286
Welly Wanging8642
Wordle HT44826
3v3 Basketball4826