Years 7 – 11

School blazer with badge
White shirt, tucked in at all times
Black tailored trousers (not skinny or jean fit)
Black socks
Magnus purple tartan skirt (worn to the knee)
Plain black tights with skirt (40-70 denier)
White ankle socks with skirt (Summer Term only)

Plain black V-neck jumper (optional)

PE Kit
Black Magnus Polo Shirt
Reversible school rugby shirt
Black shorts
White ankle/sports socks
Rugby socks
Hooded Magnus top

PE Policy: Should, for any reason, a student be unable to participate in the lesson they should still change in to full kit as they will be expected to coach, observe and contribute verbally during the lesson.

Please order school uniform direct from our supplier, Uniform Direct. Magnus blazers, ties, skirts and PE kit are available in their Lincoln stores or can be purchased online here. The academy keeps a small stock of ties which are available to purchase from the Pastoral Office.

Sixth Form Uniform

White collared shirt
Sixth Form tie
Navy Blue Suit Jacket
Navy Blue Suit Trousers
Navy Blue Pencil Skirt (knee length – must meet the knee)

More details on the sixth form dress code can be found here.


Plain black polishable shoes, no more that 1inch heel height. Shoes with distinctive fashion features such as buckles, logos and tags are not permitted as a normal part of the daywear; subtle adornments are acceptable (see below for a guide to suitable shoes). Trainers or shoes with kitten or stiletto heels, boots and ballet-style shoes are also not allowed.


Students may wear a watch however due to health and safety issues and concerns relating to loss of valuable items, students are not allowed to wear jewellery, including earrings and piercings of any kind, during their time at the Academy. Smart watches and any type of headphones (including Airpods) are also not permitted to be worn in the Academy.


Hairstyles should be neat in a natural colour. As a general guide, examples of unacceptable hair styles might include hair that is dyed an artificial colour; any two-tone; colouring/bleaching for example the effect resulting in hair being ‘dip dyed’; excessive use of a hair product to encourage hair to stand up; hair that is shaved very short in some places but left longer on the top/in the middle, hair that is combed into any sort of Mohican style, hair that has any sort of pattern or parting shaved into it. Some fashion styles are proving problematic where hair is ‘side parted’ by shaving short on one side and combing longer strands of hair to the other side.  The principal reserves the right to assess whether a style is considered appropriate or not. Parents should consult, in advance, if they are unsure as to the suitability of a change of style. Caps of all kinds must not be worn in and around the academy.


Years 7 – 11 may not wear make-up, nail varnish that is not natural in colour or false nails.  If make-up is noticeable then students will be required to remove this using a make-up remover wipe. False eyelashes are also not permitted. If nail varnish is not natural in colour students will be required to remove this using nail varnish remover.

Coats/Outdoor Wear (Years 7-13)

Coats, hats, scarves and gloves may be worn around the academy site.

  • Hats, scarves and gloves must be removed before entering any building. If they are worn inside the main buildings, they will be confiscated.
  • Coats may be worn inside the main buildings but must be taken off immediately after entering classrooms as the first part of 6 to start and last part of 5 to finish
  • Other items of clothing that are not part of the school uniform may not be worn at any time on the academy site. This specifically includes items such as hoodies, tracksuit tops and non-school jumpers. Items which are not part of our uniform policy will be confiscated. These items cannot be worn over/under blazers as coats
  • The first time a student has any item of clothing confiscated they will be able to collect it at the end of the day. If a student has any item of clothing confiscated a second time, a parent or carer will be called to collect the item.