There may be times when your child is ill. On these occasions you must report the absence daily so we know your child is safe. You can report the absence using one of the following methods:-

  • Through the ClassCharts app
  • Speaking to our Attendance Officer on 01636 681623 or by calling the academy on 01636 680066 and choosing option 1.

We always want to know why a student is absent so we can support them and the family where necessary. No matter what the problem is causing a student not to attend school, we are here to help. If a child is absent without an explanation parents will be contacted.

Attend to Achieve

Students who have excellent attendance are recognised and rewarded. High attendance has a direct impact on students learning and is encouraged by all staff resulting in improved progress and achievement within school. Those students who achieve 98% attendance for the whole term are entered into a prize draw to win prizes such as bikes and games consoles.

Research shows that a child’s attendance is a critical factor in their future success. At Magnus we expect our students to have attendance levels above 95% so that they can achieve their full potential.

Did you know?

  • 95% attendance means that your child has missed one week of school.
  • 90% attendance means that your child has missed two weeks of school.
  • 80% attendance means that your child has missed four weeks of school.
  • Attendance of below 90% over five years is equivalent to your child missing half a year of school.
  • Attendance below 80% over five years means that your child misses a whole year of school.
  • Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year equals a drop in GCSE grade (Department for children, schools and families).
  • Only a quarter of pupils will achieve GCSE grades A to C if their attendance is below 90%.
  • Your child’s achievements at school will make a real difference to the amount of money they can earn when they go out to work. Someone with no qualifications is likely to earn £5.44 per hour. A university graduate can earn from £15.01 per hour.

Attending everyday makes a real difference. Make each day count!