What is The Magnus Canon?

A list of books created for you to read throughout your time at Magnus.

Why should I read books from the canon list?

  • Develop a broad perspective of the world around you
  • Increase and improve your vocabulary
  • Give you the chance to unwind with a great story.
  • The wide range of books on the list will count towards your Magnus Graduation target.

What sort of books are on the list?

  • Genres include Science Fiction, Mystery, Historical, Dystopian, and Fantasy.
  • The list has some amazing diverse authors, a great selection of Non-fiction titles as well as some wonderful play scripts.
  • There really is something for everyone.

Some of these books will be read during Prep sessions or studied in your English lessons, so you are already on your way to graduating because you will read at least three in school time.

We want to challenge you to read as many books off this list as possible before graduation in the Summer.

There will be short quizzes for you to complete with Mrs Harper and Mrs Jackson in the Library or via Teams so make sure you take your time, really enjoy each story and get the most out of each book.

You can find full lists for each year group on your Teams tutor folder and below.

You can request books through the Book Request Form on Teams when you’ve decided which book you would like to read first, make sure you choose a book not used in PREP or English.

Take a look at the information below to see how many books you need for each graduation classification.

Canon Guides