Curriculum Overview

We have an innovative curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils. It facilitates depth of study as well as breadth of experience. Our year 7–11 curriculum follows a five year plan, building year on year from Key Stage 2 as students progress towards the external GCSE exams. Students study a broad range of subjects until the end of year 9, when they choose the non-core subjects they wish to pursue to GCSE level. This allows for greater immersion during years 7 – 9 in a subject’s knowledge and skills before narrowing the curriculum for examination courses. In 2018, changes to our school day facilitated the introduction of 1 literacy lesson and 2 periods of enrichment for all pupils.


Our innovative enrichment curriculum enables students to broaden their cultural understanding of the world, learn new skills and take on personal challenges. The curriculum is carefully designed to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills. There is a vast range of choice in the enrichment programme including music, dance, drama, Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh, Amnesty International, sports clubs, critical thinking and TED talks. The range of academic and enrichment experiences prepare pupils well for life in modern Britain through this and a comprehensive and well-planned PSHE curriculum. An example of an enrichment timetable can be found here:

Years 10 & 11

Students in years 10 and 11 follow a core curriculum of English Language, English literature, mathematics, science, RE and PE. In addition, students study 3 additional option subjects that they choose. Parents of year 9 students receive options information and attend an options evening in the spring term where they discuss their child’s progress with senior members of staff. This evening assists parents to support their child in making the best decisions for their non-core optional subject choices from year 10 to 11. In years 10 and 11 students additional prep lessons each week. This is to support students to develop the necessary academic skills to succeed at GCSE and beyond. In year 11, students also receive additional specialist subject support where necessary during prep lessons.

The weekly timetable for years 10 and 11 consists of 29 lessons and one act of worship which are broken down as follows:

KS4EnglishMathsScienceREPEOption 1Option 2Option 3PrepEnrichment
Year 105462123312
Year 115562132221

GCSE Subjects

CoreEnglish BaccalaureateOptional Subjects
English LanguageFrenchArt
English LiteratureGeographyBusiness Studies
MathematicsHistoryChildren's Play, Learning and Development
ScienceSpanishComputer Science
Religious EducationDance
Motor Vehicle

A differentiated provision is adapted for students with particular needs and is reviewed annually. For further information on the KS4 curriculum at Magnus please contact Mrs L Donaldson, Assistant Principal.