Curriculum Intent

At Magnus Academy, our vision is to develop people of good character, who achieve excellence, and make a positive contribution to their communities.

Our vision is underpinned by five core values: ambition, determination, humility, integrity and compassion.

Our curriculum offer encompasses two key strands: our core curriculum, that is made up of the academic, vocational and technical subjects students study, and, our personal development curriculum, that includes a wide variety of activities, which helps ensure students are prepared for like in the 21st century.

Core Curriculum

Our knowledge-rich curriculum focuses on knowledge acquisition, character development and the achievement of excellence. This is achieved through a curriculum that facilitates depth of study as well as breadth of experience. It delivers powerful knowledge rooted in subject based concepts as well as building cultural literacy through planned opportunities within subject areas. We believe in excellence in all areas and that all have a right to access each subject as an academic, technical or vocational discipline and experience the value of each subject to the wider world. With a focus on excellence, our curriculum develops the knowledge, skills, and character required to live happy, healthy and successful lives. We ensure our curriculum is challenging, yet inclusive, so that all can work hard to fulfil their potential regardless of background or starting point.

For more information, please see our core curriculum page.

Personal Development Curriculum

Focused and targeted enrichment opportunities ensure that students develop the cultural literacy necessary to live rich and fulfilling lives, where they participate as active citizens. The personal development curriculum provides opportunities to broaden understanding the social, economic, political and environmental dimensions of the world. We believe that through these challenging experiences young people will be inspired to fulfil their potential.

Through our personal development programme all students partake in a comprehensive enrichment and careers programme, and also, get to engage with fantastic opportunities through our Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For more information, please see our personal development page.

At Magnus Academy, students will:

  • experience a knowledge-rich curriculum, that facilitates depth of study as well as breadth of experience;
  • strive for excellence in all aspects of Academy life;
  • build their character;
  • develop their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding within a Christian framework;
  • read widely and engage with the texts on the Magnus Canon;
  • experience a range of memorable experiences.

For more information regarding our curriculum, please contact Mrs K Dixon (

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