Year 11 students star in Oklahoma!

Three of our year 11 students are currently taking part in the Newark Amateur Operatic Society’s production of Oklahoma! The show is being performed at the Palace Theatre in Newark and runs until Saturday 6th April, with six shows in total.

Mia Fenton-Lloyd, Effie Sugden and Katie White are all dancers and part of the chorus in Oklahoma! Katie said: “It’s amazing to take part in a production like this, it’s a lot different from doing a school show. It’s more professional, there’s a whole production crew and a director so it’s really fun to be a part of. There are a lot of older actors and actresses too so it’s really nice to learn from them.”

The girls, who also took part in last year’s production of Cats, have been juggling the show with revising for their GCSEs which they are all sitting in the summer. Katie added: “It’s been hard to fit everything in. I have to go straight home after school, have my tea, do my make-up for the show and then be at the theatre for 6pm. It’s a long day because I don’t get home until 11pm, and then have to get up and do it all again the next day!”

We’re very proud of the girls for getting involved in a community event, especially at such a busy time for them. Well done girls!

There are still tickets left for the last few shows if you would like to go and support Mia, Effie and Katie. Tickets are available here:!/info