Y12 Parliament Work Experience

Before half term, four of our year 12 students visited the Houses of Parliament to complete a day of work experience with Robert Jenrick MP.

The opportunity was offered to local schools and students had to apply to take part. Jasmine Clark, Kasey Roberts, Indiana-Rose Mackintosh and Monika Zon were all successful with their applications and visited Westminster.

During their day, they toured the Houses of Parliament and attended Treasury questions. They also had the opportunity to sit in on a live debate with MPs about childhood obesity.

Here are what the students thought about their experience:

Monika Zon
“As someone who is really enthusiastic about politics, the trip was invaluable to me in giving insight into the complexities of government but also the accessibility of it. The building brims with history, such as Henry VIII’s tennis balls caught in the ceiling from when he played in Westminster hall. The debates were fascinating and Mr Jenrick, as well as his lovely staff, provided great help and ideas into how to pursue politics further. It was just a really fantastic opportunity.”

Indiana-Rose Mackintosh
“I thought the work experience day at Parliament was a wonderful and exciting opportunity which I am very grateful for. I loved the tour, going into the House of Commons and then sitting in the public gallery to watch Treasury questions with Mr Jenrick present. Also, the artwork was fascinating to me and I loved seeing the Tudor pieces as it is my favourite period of history. Again, the whole day was very insightful and interesting and an all-round great day.”

Kasey Roberts
“The trip to Westminster has given me a great insight into the history of Parliament and the careers that are present within Parliament. The House of Commons and the House of Lords show great amounts of history, captured by paintings and the interior designs; especially how Queen Victoria greatly was portrayed through the House of Lords.”

Jasmine Clark
“I think that the best part of the trip was that it put an end to some of the ‘mystery’ surrounding Parliament. The traditional processes that can sometimes seem odd to the untrained eye were explained and the history behind them revealed. Also, it was great to see the passion of the people who worked there.”