Foundation Learning is the name given to a specific group of students that require a greater amount of specialised support. The identified students receive the basic core curriculum (Maths, English, and Science) as well as extra support to improve learning outcomes incorporating literacy, numeracy and life skills. The aim is to prepare students for life beyond school both in terms of their academic and social development. Most of the students will have an identified Special Education Need (SEN), along with one or more of the following:

  • Poor literacy skills
  • Anxiety issues
  • SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) issues
  • Communication and interaction difficulties
  • Physical disability,
  • Specific or moderate learning difficulties.

The learners will receive specialist teaching from our primary trained SEN teacher or members of the SEN team. The curriculum is bespoke allowing the staff to provide creative learning opportunities. In years 7, 8 and 9 students receive 6 hours of foundation learning in preparation for their GCSE options starting in year 10.

In years 10-11 students receive 3 hours of Foundation Learning, during this time students will have the opportunity to enhance and cement skills required for education and independent learning. The activities include:

  • Developing social skills and increasing self-confidence.
  • Improving literacy skills. These groups receive specialist teaching focusing on areas that require improvement, such as handwriting, researching information using a variety of sources, note taking and writing in different formats through topic based work (history or geography focus)
  • Bespoke PSHE lessons to develop independence.
  • Additional guided reading alongside the school’s reading program
  • To improve outcomes in examinations. Extra support given to develop skills in using exam dispensation such as electronic readers.
  • Giving support to prepare students for transition points (class/staff changes, KS2-3, options, post 16).
  • To support post 16 transition SEN staff will arrange and accompany students to visit colleges and other educational settings and assist with applications.
  • To prepare students to live independently all students will undertake the Titan scheme provided by Notts CC. This develops knowledge of health and safety, financial management, travel and understanding time.
  • To prepare students for work we provide further opportunities by working with local employers and other educational establishments to provide placements or activities.

The decision for a student to be in a Foundation Learning group is made between the SENCO and parents. Students can move between Foundation Learning and the core offer based upon their needs.

Our SENCO Mr MacGregor can be contacted here: