Sports Day 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part in Sports Day this year, whether you competed in an event or supported your house. Thank you also to all the staff, sixth form and year 11 students who helped out during the day – it ran very smoothly! We enjoyed a morning of field events and the longer distance races before an afternoon full of tug of war, sprint races and relay races. Huge well done to all those in Warburton for being the overall winners of sports day this year!

A new addition to the programme this year was the SLT race which involved Mrs Martin, Mrs Sismey, Mr Thompson and Mr Semmelroth racing and completing several obstacles on the way. They had to put on a hi-vis vest, grab a clipboard, pick up their cup of coffee and finally, sign a conduct card. It was a close race throughout but Mrs Martin was victorious!

Year Results

Year 7Cartwright
Year 8Dean Hole
Year 9Warburton
Year 10Dean Hole

Overall Results

2ndDean Hole