Aamod Bashyal

Head Boy

"Magnus' supportive staff allows me to confidently aim for the very best in everything I do. Along with the strong leadership and caring environment present in the sixth form, I can concentrate on my post-school goals with a perfect balance of independence and support. Being head boy meant that I became an extension of the students' voices, enabling me to continue to make Magnus mean more."

Migle Jurgeleviciute

Head Girl

"I wanted to be Head Girl because I love the family at Magnus and wanted to help make a change. All the teachers are incredibly dedicated and supportive to the students and I wanted to be a mediator between them and us to create an even happier environment, where everyone's voice is heard and listened to. I knew sixth form was the perfect place to do this due to the added responsibility of independent learning and how many opportunities the staff provide to the students to pursue their goals."