Head Students

Thomas Compson-Woolfitt & Apollo Roe

Hello! my name is Apollo and I strive to keep the Magnus community a safe place for students and teachers alike. I want to be able to give something back to those who I am truly grateful for and continue to support, benefit and protect others regardless of gender, ethnicity or beliefs. My aim, as a voice in the community, is to combat negative stereotypes of the LGBT community and be someone people can depend on for anything. I'm always around if you want any help or to just talk.

Hi, my name is Thomas Compson-Woolfitt and I am proud to be representing Magnus as Head Student of Sixth Form and the academy. I always strive to achieve the best and I hope to do so working alongside an excellent team of sixth formers to help make Magnus an enjoyable experience for all associated with the school.

Deputy Head Students

Luke Walker & Elita Coggan