Tutor Groups

Each student is placed in a tutor group according to their year group which is led by a dedicated form tutor who sees the students for a tutor period every day. The form tutor is the first point of contact for students and parents and has a responsibility to ensure that everyone in their care is working and achieving to their ability.

Below, you will find a list of contact details for all our tutors. If you are unsure who your child’s tutor is, please call 01636 680066 and we will be able to find out for you.

Year 7

7B1 - Mr B HandleyBHandley@magnusacademy.co.uk
7B2 - Mrs H MacGregorHMacgregor@magnusacademy.co.uk
7C1 - Mr A HughesAHughes@magnusacademy.co.uk
7D1 - Mrs C ElseCElse@magnusacademy.co.uk
7W1 - Mrs L McKeonLMcKeon@magnusacademy.co.uk

Year 8

8B1 - Mr J MeirJMeir@magnusacademy.co.uk
8C1 - Mr J TrevattJTrevatt@magnusacademy.co.uk
8D1 - Mrs C McConnochie (Mon, Tues & Fri)
Mr M Frost (Weds-Thurs)
8W1 - Mr C HolmesCHolmes@magnusacademy.co.uk
8W2 - Miss S Courtney (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri)
Miss H Severn (Weds)

Year 9

9B1 - Mrs S Farmer (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri)
Mrs L Duffy (Weds)
9C1 - Miss T ButterfieldTButterfield@magnusacademy.co.uk
9C2 - Miss M TaylorMTaylor@magnusacademy.co.uk
9D1 - Mr N WrightNWright@magnusacademy.co.uk
9W1 - Miss S JacksonSJackson@magnusacademy.co.uk

Year 10

10B1 - Mrs T LordTLord@magnusacademy.co.uk
10C1 - Miss B CarlingBCarling@magnusacademy.co.uk
10D1 - Miss H ClarkeHClarke@magnusacademy.co.uk
10D2 - Mrs A Cobb (Mon-Tues)
Mrs J Puckey (Weds-Fri)
10W1 - Mr J FryerJFryer@magnusacademy.co.uk

Year 11

11B1 - Mr C BilbieCBilbie@magnusacademy.co.uk
11C1 - Miss N CookeNCooke@magnusacademy.co.uk
11D1 - Mrs V TwomeyVTwomey@magnusacademy.co.uk
11W1 - Mr J HallJHall@magnusacademy.co.uk

Sixth Form

12B - Miss E Higgs (Mon & Fri)
Miss H Newman (Tues-Thurs)
12C - Miss K FieldingKFielding@magnusacademy.co.uk
13B - Mrs S MilanSMilan@magnusacademy.co.uk
13C - Mr D Yates
Mrs A Crouch
YCDS - Mr A RylottARylott@magnusacademy.co.uk