Magic Breakfast - Free breakfast for all

From Monday 1st April 2019, Magnus Academy will be part of a scheme that provides free breakfast for all students in the academy. Magic Breakfast is a charity dedicated to ensuring no child is too hungry to learn by providing free breakfast.

All students are entitled to cereal or a bagel before the school day starts in the restaurant. There will be a self-serve cereal bar with the option of Cornflakes, Rice Crispies, Cheerios or Shreddies. Toasted bagels will also be on offer for students either plain or with low fat spread or honey.

Why is breakfast important?

Eating a healthy breakfast before starting the school day is linked to:

  • Improved concentration
  • Better test scores as it enhances memory
  • Increased energy and improved physical health
  • A higher intake of vitamins and minerals and better eating habits through the day
  • A healthier body weight and better mental health.

Breakfast is especially important for young students whose brains use up about half the body’s energy.

Please encourage your child to join us for a free breakfast each morning.