Curriculum Overview

We have an innovative curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils. It facilitates depth of study as well as breadth of experience. Our year 7–11 curriculum follows a five year plan, building year on year from Key Stage 2 as students progress towards the external GCSE exams. Students study a broad range of subjects until the end of year 9, when they choose the non-core subjects they wish to pursue to GCSE level. This allows for greater immersion during years 7 – 9 in a subject’s knowledge and skills before narrowing the curriculum for examination courses. In 2018, changes to our school day facilitated the introduction of 1 literacy lesson and 2 periods of enrichment for all pupils.


Our innovative enrichment curriculum enables students to broaden their cultural understanding of the world, learn new skills and take on personal challenges. The curriculum is carefully designed to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills. There is a vast range of choice in the enrichment programme including music, dance, drama, Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh, Amnesty International, sports clubs, critical thinking and TED talks. The range of academic and enrichment experiences prepare pupils well for life in modern Britain through this and a comprehensive and well-planned PSHE curriculum. An example of an enrichment timetable can be found here:


Years 7 & 8

We ensure all students at Magnus are taught a balanced and broad curriculum that encourages progress and achievement. All students study the core subjects of maths, English and science, with 12 periods being dedicated to these important subject areas each week.

P.E, performing arts and technology also play an important part in our curriculum with students experiencing each subject within these faculties during KS3 before they decide on options at KS4.

The weekly timetable consisting of 29 lessons and one whole school act of worship is broken down as follows:

Year GroupEngMaSciGeogHistRELangArtITDramaMusicPEFoodTechLitEnrich
Year 74432212111121112
Year 84432212111121112

Year 9

Year 9 is a bridging year where students begin to explore the non-core subjects they may wish to continue to study to GCSE examination level. The aim of this year is to keep the curriculum broad, allowing some choice whilst maintaining a key emphasis on English Baccalaureate subjects (English, mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Lanuages).  Students study all these subjects until the end of year 9 along with PE, RE. In addition to these students choose 5/6 other introduction to GCSE subjects that they wish to explore in preparation for their GCSE option choices at the end of the year. There are 9 subjects to choose from and these are listed below:

  • Technology (double lesson so uses 2 choices)
  • Food (double lesson so uses 2 choices)
  • Computing
  • Creative Arts
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • PE Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Business studies

The weekly timetable for year 9 consisting of 29 lessons and one whole school act of worship is broken down as follows:

EngMaSciGeogHistRELangPEIntro into GCSELitEnrich
Year 944422121612
REReligious Studies
LangModern Foreign Languages
ITInformation Technology/Computer Science
PEPhysical Education
LitLiteracy Support/Guided Reading

A differentiated provision is adapted for students with particular needs and is reviewed annually. For further information on the KS3 curriculum at Magnus please contact Mrs L Donaldson, Assistant Principal.