Introducing Conduct Cards

Conduct Cards

All students must have their conduct card with them at all times.  This is how the academy monitors, sanctions and rewards students for their conduct around the academy. This is additional to the use of SIMs which records positive and negative behaviours for learning. Students must present staff with their card immediately when requested.  Positives will be logged on conduct cards to students for behaviours such as supporting others, displaying good manners, helping staff etc.  Negative behaviours which will be logged on conduct cards are those which contravene the expectations detailed in the “Conduct of students – Around the academy”.


Conduct of students - Around the academy

To ensure the Health & Safety of everyone in our academy community we require all students to follow the points below:

  • WALK on the LEFT at all times, except for in emergency situations.
  • DO NOT RUN inside any of the academy buildings.
  • Food/drink is to be consumed only in the restaurant and open areas, not in classrooms/corridors of any building.
  • Litter must be put in bins – these are in all classrooms, on some corridors and around the site.
  • When waiting for a teacher queue in a single line.
  • Listen to the guidance of staff and follow their instructions at all times.
  • Move around the academy calmly.
  • Adhere to the dress code at all times.

For full details, click here to read the Behaviour for Learning Policy