Goodbye Year 13!

Today we had to say goodbye to our lovely year 13 students.

They celebrated their last day with awards, party food and a traditional (embarrassing) Magnus leavers’ video of photos from the past seven years! Mrs Sheard and Mrs Martin gave speeches and talked about their experiences and memories with the students, and wished them well for their exams and the future. The celebrations continue this evening with a leavers’ meal for the students and members of staff that taught them throughout their time at Magnus.

Below are some messages from members of staff:

You have been a fabulous form over the last year. I will miss you all- tutor time will never be the same again!!! Enjoy the future and grab every opportunity you can!! Love, Mrs Milan

I haven’t taught any of you in Sixth Form, but I have loved seeing you grow up into young adults (apart from Jasmine – really looking forward to her going). You are all awesome, and an absolute credit to the school. You will leave a massive hole behind, and I can’t wait to hear about all your future successes. Lots of love, Mrs Sismey xx

To all the girls that I have the pleasure of sharing my classroom/office/life with. I’m not sure how we’ve managed to keep going sometimes, we’ve had laughter, tears and stress (lots of stress), you’ve occasionally missed naps to do your coursework but only if you’ve had a comfort sheet! It’s been difficult but you’ve done it and you’ve done me and yourselves proud- I wish you all nothing but happiness in whatever comes next. Love always, Miss B x

Well done for all of your hard work in Computer Science, I am very proud of each of you. Always remember you can’t make people out of hexagons. Miss Gibson

It has been a pleasure teaching you not just for the last 2 years but since the beginning of your time at Magnus. I hope that you take life by the horns and make the most out of every minute. All the best for the future, Mrs MacGregor

Good luck in your next steps. Take every opportunity to do new things, travel to see the world, get out of your comfort zones. You don’t get the chance when you become a twenty-something year old adult like me. It has been a pleasure being able to teach some of you, being a form tutor to some of you and seeing some of you working hard (and some hardly working) around the academy. Mr Byrne

It’s been an honour and a privilege to have known and taught you. You are part of the Magnus wallpaper and it will be sad to see you leave! Much love best wishes, Mr Hughes

What an incredible year group!!! It has been such a pleasure teaching most of you, being a year 12 form tutor to many of you and being your assistant head of year. You truly are a fantastic group of students and deserve every success in the future. Mrs Tucker.. P.S. sorry for leaving just before your exams 🙈

All the best health and happiness for the future. Go live your dreams and be the best you can be, hold your head high, be proud of who you are. Cheers all.

My Favourite Quote from my Favourite actor (Robin Williams) in the film ‘Dead Poets Society’ …’That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”


Thank you to everyone in year 13 for being such brilliant members of Magnus Academy. Good Luck in your exams and all the best for the future, whatever you may do!




Most likely to…

Be famous – Heloise Francis
Travel around the world – Monika Zon
Cure a disease – Kasey Roberts
Set a world record – Tomas Gudauskas
Be Prime Minister – Monika Zon
Be a millionaire – Rosie Ward
Run a company – Nathan Scott
Win an Oscar – Chloe Andrew
Win the lottery (but lose the ticket) – Michael Hewis
Be a WAG – Abigail Dove
Go viral – Alice Bateman
Join the circus – Katie Dickinson
Headline Glastonbury – Jasmine Clark
Be on a reality TV show – Demi-Leigh Haywood

Funniest student – Nathan Scott
Kindest student – Chloe Andrew
Bravest students – George Bryan & Jola Maciejewska
Happiest student – Indiana-Rose Mackintosh
Most dependable student – Jasmine Clark
Most glamorous student – Abigail Dove
Student that moans the most – Alice Bateman
Most stubborn student – Alice Bateman

From Mrs Sheard

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You will be my first ‘proper’ year group through sixth form here at Magnus! When I joined the Academy and made quite a lot of changes, I hope you now realise why and that they were all to make sure you had the opportunities and education you deserved.

You have all individually changed and grown so much over the last two years and it has been a pleasure to see and be apart of this small section of your journey.

I don’t have a doubt that you will all be successful, whether that be at university, in a career, with a family and friends but please do come back and share your adventures with us.

You will soon be Magnus Alumni and I hope you are as proud of Magnus as we are of you!

You have never failed to amaze and shock me, make me smile but overall be so proud to have been your head of sixth form.

Take every opportunity with open hands, remember to be kind and treat others how you would ant to be treated, be the change and go find your adventure.

I wish you every opportunity and success in the future and don’t every be a stranger to Magnus.

Congratulations Class of 2019

Love, Mrs Sheard 🙂