Farewell Year 13

Today we said goodbye to our Year 13 students. They celebrated their last day at Magnus with an assembly, awards and lunch with their tutors and staff who have taught them during their time here.

Mrs Martin joined Miss Sheard and Mrs Peebles to wish them all good luck for their exams and for the future, and tutors shared memories they had with their forms.

A leavers book was created by some of the students which included quotes, photos and space to write messages to each other. Some students also received awards that their teachers had nominated them for.

We’d like to wish all our fantastic Year 13 students good luck in their upcoming exams, and all the best for the future!



100% Attendance – Cameron Warner
Contribution to Academy Life – Sixth Form Leadership Team – Joe Stanley, Emily Braithwaite, Eva Picker, Reagan Picker, Nicole Pickering and Tom Hickling
Demonstrating the Academy Values:
– Josh Briggs
Humility – Courtney Haywood
Compassion – Amber Nicholson
Ambition – Jack Newton
Integrity – Rachel Mace
Overall Attendance at the Academy (year 7-13) – Cameron Warner, 99.5%

Most likely to become Prime Minister – Eva Picker
Most likely to get a 1st Class Honours Degree – Nicole McGrady
Most likely to live abroad – Reagan Pickering
Most likely to be famous – Eliot Reid
Most likely to run out of money by the end of Fresher’s Week – James Tyers and Cameron Warner
Most likely to survive on a desert island – Joe Stanley
and finally, most likely to win an Olympic Gold Medal was awarded to Laura Burrows, for her complaining!