Best ever GCSE results in recent history for Magnus Academy

There was great anticipation and excitement at Magnus Church of England Academy in anticipation of today’s GCSE results.

The results for students show dramatic progress taking place at the school with a 15% increase in GCSE English attainment, a 10% increase in GCSE Maths attainment with both above or in line with the national average for the first time. In addition there was a 10% increase in students attaining GCSE Maths and English at a grade C or equivalent. Almost 30% of all students achieved 5 or more A* – B grades and 84% achieved at least 1 A* – B or equivalent and the average GCSE grade has gone up by a grade.

Principal Anna Martin said, “We are delighted with these results as they reflect all the hard work put in by staff and students and it shows that the changes we have made are having a very positive effect on students’ outcomes. In fact, these are the best GCSE results in the school’s recent history.”

There were some outstanding individual performances in the results with three students achieving A* – A grades (or equivalents in 9 – 1 system) across nine or more subjects. Amongst that group were Rosie Ward and fellow student Monika Zon, who was thrilled to discover she was placed in the top 3% in the country in her English Language and Literature results by achieving a grade 9 in each. Another was Jasmine Clark, who aside from nine A*-A grades achieved a 9 in Mathematics when only 3% of the country achieved this!

Tearfully happy student Monika Zon said “I am absolutely delighted.  I managed slightly higher grades than I expected.” Monika was born in Poland and only arrived in England when she was eight years old, knowing two English words, hello and thank you. Now after much studying and hard work, her future looks very promising as she now wants to pursue some of her favourite subjects for her A levels and hopefully go onto university.

Friend Jasmine Clark also performed better than she was expecting – especially in English and Mathematics where she achieved a 9.  “I’m extremely happy and relieved after all that work, – and having to wait to finally know my results,” she commented.

“I found all the staff who taught me at Magnus understanding and caring. I hope to further my education now and maybe find a career either as a maths teacher or a forensic psychologist”.

In a letter to staff, Chair of Governors Martin O’Connell said, “Today, the GCSE results have given us solid, tangible and significant evidence that all the hard work we have all put into the last year has paid off handsomely.   Following on from last week’s very pleasing A level results as well, we can all be confident that Magnus Academy is well on its way to becoming an outstanding school, one of which we are all very proud and one which will become the secondary school of choice for the students of Newark. Take a moment to rejoice and to feel proud before the next stage of the journey starts in September!”