Behaviour Policy Update

Magnus Church of England Academy’s Behaviour Policy

The Behaviour for Learning Policy has been updated and is now available on the academy’s website.

There are two main changes:

  1. The introduction of conduct cards. Conduct Cards are an effective way of rewarding students for their excellent conduct around the academy. They enable staff to reward students for positive behaviours which support the values of the academy such as helping each other, being polite and for other behaviours which contribute to the positive climate we have created. Additionally, where students fail to meet expectations this will be recorded and followed up, enabling us to increase consistency in ensuring our standards are always met.
  2. Mobile Phones. From January 2016 Mobile Phones must be kept in bags and switched off in all areas of the academy site. This is to safeguard students and prevent incidents which can occur through the use of social media during the day.

I welcome your feedback on the policy which is on the website either by phone or email

Mr D Thompson