Governor & Committee Meetings Statistics

2015-16Full Governors meetings attendedOut of a possibleCurriculum & Standards Committee Meetings AttendedOut of a possibleResources Committee Meetings AttendedOut of a possible
Stuart Wallace3422--
Martin O'Connell44--22
David Williams2322--
Lisa McDavid3422--
Stephen Morris24--11
Adrian Berry24--12
Jemma Young------
Jo Tilley4412--
Patrick Hazard4422--

Trustees at full Board meetings for 2015-2016 statistics

TrusteeMeetings attendedOut of a possible
Roger Periam26
Ian Griffiths66
Hilary Craik56
Philip Blinston66
Angela Pae56
Claire Meese66
David Jonathon Taylor46
Diane Ward36
Chris Moodie11