At Magnus Church of England Academy we are committed to raising the aspirations of young people and are passionate about supporting them to fulfil their potential.

Our careers programme aims to enable students to:

  • Understand how choice and attitudes influence career opportunities
  • Raise their aspirations and be encourages to fulfil their potential
  • Have an awareness of careers and opportunities inside and outside of Newark


Students have access to independent and impartial careers advice and guidance from a trained professional, access to online careers software, opportunities to engage with local employers and lessons focussed on employability and careers education:

“Hello, my name is John Taylor, I’m usually known as John or ‘JT’, and I am the Careers Adviser who works with Magnus Church of England Academy to deliver their independent and impartial careers guidance and some other careers and progression services.John Taylor

After working in London for the past twenty-five years I have recently joined Magnus after leaving Prospects Services where I worked as an Operations Manager leading a team of about thirty careers advisers, SEN Specialists and targeted support workers.

I am now working with you as part of the team who will ensure that our students in all the year groups have access to high quality careers information, advice and guidance. We aim to run a full programme for each year group that will motivate, inspire and engender an ethos of aspiration. Like the rest of our school community we aim to ensure that Magnus Church of England students have the capabilities, qualities and attitudes; underpinned by the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in the Local, National, European and Global Labour Markets.

We aim to offer a full programme of integrated careers information, advice and guidance that is built on the premise of a whole school approach; that is ethical, independent and impartial. During the coming months, the one to one careers interviews that were started with year 11 & 12/13 students will be rolled out to students in other years. Programmes of group interviews; workshops; group work; class sized session; assemblies; target events; universal events; external speakers; partnership working with employers/HE Providers – who are committed to broadening participation, visits to providers and Careers /IAG CPD for colleagues. Above all, we will aim to ensure that Magnus students are well informed and understand what is needed, in terms of skills, qualities and qualifications, to support their progression; enable them to take responsibility for their own to choices and to navigate their own career pathways in the future.

Magnus students will be well rounded, confident and aspirational about their own journeys of progression. They will understand about how to make the most of opportunities available to them and understand the notion of paid and voluntary experience and be able to apply skills, knowledge and experience acquired outside the schools community and recognise how this can help them achieve their aims.

We aim to ensure that careers and progression are not viewed as stand-alone topics and are integrated into a whole school ethos linked to PSHE; gifted and talented work; targeted support work and everyday school life so that students are engaged to volunteer; do charity work; play a role in the democracy of the schools/community; develop a view of personal responsibility and resilience. Indeed a couple of areas for development will be to develop a number of Career Ambassadors who will help steer the careers provision, write blogs, organise events. We will also draw up some of our former students to contribute to the development of the CEIAG via Magnus Alumni.”

We have launched a new platform for all kinds of opportunities, whether it is apprenticeships, traineeships, volunteering or events for example, we have placed these on our new platform we call Magnify. Click here to browse.

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